Bayberry Season Globe

Bayberry Season Globe


A strong invigorating botanical blend of fir, pine cones, and branches of bayberry with hints of frankincense and myrrh creates a treasured holiday aroma. This seasonal fragrance will bring you back to the festive holidays and remind you that the Home is where the Heart is.

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Each potpourri candle globe has a To & From card attached to the glass candle cup. (When you add a globe to your cart, you will be asked if you’d like to include a personal note that will be transferred into a hand written message.) The bottom of the card explains all of the fragrant potpourri mixture within the 6” glass rose globe. The glass candle cup on top of the globe, contains the same long-lasting fragrance aroma as the potpourri mixture. You can separate the glass candle cup from the glass rose globe or keep them together, both have strong pleasant aromas.



You will not find another potpourri candle globe - Town & Country Fragrance invented this product. We are always trying to change the daily experiences for people through the beautiful smells of nature and life. Town & Country Fragrances started as a botanical potpourri manufacturer that lead to creating candles. We have the passion for the great outdoors - an appreciation for nature and all of her beauties.