Town and Country Fragrances was founded by Kevin Salmon in an old renovated country horse barn, surrounded by a few acres of woods. Kevin is an avid outdoorsman with a great appreciation for nature and all of her many beauties. He spends much of his free time fishing, boating and camping in the wilderness throughout America. During his travels, he often collected natural botanicals materials to make potpourri. He would use whatever he found – pods, leaf’s, acorns, pine cones, and berries – to artfully create outdoor mixtures with them. He wanted to capture the natural essence of the places he visited and creating potpourri was the perfect way to display nature’s botanicals and fragrances. Finally, Kevin decided to turn his outdoor passion into a business.

Town & Country Fragrances started out producing all – natural botanical potpourri with realistic fragrances that would last for months. Kevin wanted others to enjoy his natural creations so he started making sales trips, selling the potpourri to different stores around the country. After a while Town and County Fragrances customers wanted Kevin to create a candle line with the same enthusiastic fragrances that he used in the natural potpourri blends. The customers wanted to experience the same realistic, outdoors feelings and flavors, but this time in a jar candle.

Kevin experimented with a variety of different fragrance mixtures, wax blends - some with soy, dye colorings and found the perfect blends for each jar candle. When the candle was burning, he wanted to create a large pool of melted wax to prevent unmelted wax on the sides of the jar. That’s one of the reasons Kevin decided to make his own wooden wicks. The combination of the wooden wick and the wax blend reduces if not eliminates candle soot when the candle is burning with the proper wick trimming. That’s why it’s important to create the proper balance between the flame size and the pool of melted wax with a trimmed wooden wick. Another reason Kevin wanted to hand make his own wooden wicks was to mimic the crackling of logs burning in the fire place or the burning wood of a camp fire in the crisp outdoor air.

When it came to selecting glass containers Kevin wanted to choose a jar that can be used for other things after the candle wax was gone and properly washed. The glass canning jar that was selected for all of the jar candles is the same kind used by Kevin’s Grandma when he was growing up. Kevin thought by using similar canning jar his Grandma used in her day would represent what Town & Country Fragrances was all about: hard -work, Americana and the great outdoors. The fond memories of Grandma and all of her activities – gardening and cooking was the driving force for creating one of the candle lines called “The Bakery Candle”

Today Kevin and his team take great pride and passion in recreating the fragrances of life’s most treasured moments and offering them in a candle that will evoke feelings of nostalgia. All of our candles are handcrafted in the USA, not mass – produced with machines in other countries. We invite you to experience America’s Best Fragrances of Life.